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We are a team of top hotel executives selected to maximise our clients’ return on investment in the hotel and leisure industries

We guide exclusive hotel owners to prosperity.

Magellan has discovered the multi-dimensional formula for global success in the hospitality, tourism, culture and leisure sectors. Clients include hotel administrators, active owners and passive investors. Established by Moreno Occhiolini, we provide hospitality management services tailor-made to meet the client’s objectives.

We deliver first class service to the industry that defined it.

In the global marketplace where luxury hospitality standards evolve each year by innovative developers, Magellan’s purpose is to deliver optimal, adaptable strategies for short-term turn-arounds and long-term results.

With Magellan, excellence is not an exception, it is the prevailing attitude.

Our philosophy is one of excellence in service, honed from years of collective luxury hospitality experience. Magellan’s crew operates independently from conglomerates and franchises, making our collaborations with clients streamlined, to-the-point and highly interactive.

We believe in…

  • Leadership over control
  • Excellence over ordinary
  • Collaboration over individualism
  • Consistency over randomness
  • Innovation over inertia