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Magellan Hospitality offers a range of business services to the hospitality industry – luxury hotels, property investments, new hotels and resorts. A team of experts with years of formidable experience in the hotel industry provide clients with thorough, accountable and powerful business partnering.

Each aspect of the hotel business must be considered – from the inside out. We work with your financial structure, your assets and your key team members to establish successful trends in your hotel and hospitality business growth. We are the “invisible” hands that make your business prosper for the long term.

Top services to help hoteliers and investors succeed in the hospitality industry.
Acquisition Assessment
Magellan can provide objective, thorough analysis of a hotel’s financial picture, as well as an experienced understanding of the hotel’s other assets–– atmosphere, location, staff, unique characteristics. We provide this service for both hoteliers who are preparing to sell their businesses, receive outside investments or public funding; and for investors seeking hotel business development. By combining the language of the hotel business with financial lingo, we ensure that both parties fully understand the precise value of what is being analyzed. With this clear picture, investors can understand the product and the hotel business.
Asset Management
There are investments where owners and investors identify one of the many existing brands on the hotel industry as a possible management company to run the hotel. Magellan can provide asset management services in such cases i.e. to manage the relationship between the owner/investor and the selected hotel management company. The team at Magellan will ensure that the owner achieves the maximum out of the property by ensuring that financial and operating standards are being met. The services could include, but will be tailored to suit the client:

  • Evaluating the choice of possible hotel management companies and recommending the most suitable for the hotel and location.
  • Agreeing the key management contract terms.
  • Agreeing and driving the budget process including a 5 year plan with key performance indicators linked to the management agreement and incentives.
  • Reviewing, benchmarking and monitoring all financial and operational performance.
  • Monitoring and control of real estate and other assets including capital expenditure, and ensuring legal and statutory compliance.
Business and Financial Planning
We realize our clients’ visions with concrete financial plans and solid business plan development. We consider all aspects of a hotel’s profile, from location, to history, to local business trends. From our analysis, we produce a concrete business plan that guides step-by-step the short and long term operation of the business. The plan we create is also presentable to prospective investors and is used as a working tool that includes detailed suggestions for marketing, systems, technology and innovation within the business. More than a simple spreadsheet, we provide an in-depth, thoughtful plan for your future. We provide research, profit projections, overview of competition, and an indepth analysis of hotel’s assets and liabilities. We create a clear map for long term success, developing clear financial and marketing strategies.
Development Planning
In any successful business, there is room for growth. The nature of the luxury hotel business fluctuates, since it depends on economic trends, fashion tastes, travel patterns and other variables. Magellan stays abreast of these changes to best assist our clientele in their continued success.
Hotel Management
Magellan provides hands-on management of hotels independent of hotel brands, with a hotel management contract and arrangements aligned with the owner’s objectives and interests. The Magellan approach is to work with the owner to understand the strategy for the hotel(s) and align the business objectives and therefore returns, with those of the owner. The team are vastly experienced hands-on hotel professionals, skilled in all aspects of day to day operations, focussing on every detail. They will run the hotel aligned with objectives of the owner/investor. sotto Hotel Management: Magellan’s strong operational team has always operated in the owner-manager arena and so takeS ‘ownership’ of the business and deliverS and executeS in a personal way, as any owner would.
Sales and Marketing
Promotion is vital to any business’s success, especially in the travel industry. Today’s landscape requires an extraordinarily proactive Sales & Marketing Plan, as well as a very strong and enthusiastic team. From the strategic positioning, to the creative development, to the execution in all media formats, Magellan provides a cutting-edge support for a hotel’s visibility to its target market. We provide online social media networking, e-marketing campaigns, guerilla marketing plans, in additional to traditional formats and outlets.